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ACP Awards and Masterships

Congratulations to the following PA-ACP members for being honored with ACP awards and Masterships for 2019. More information about ACP awards and Masterships can be found here.

Dustan Award: Jonathan Epstein, MD
Johnson Award: Ravi B. Parikh, MD
Weinberger Award: Risa J. Lavizzo-Mourey, MD, MACP
Scott Manaker, MD, PhD, MACP
Edith P. Mitchell, MD, MACP
Lawrence N. Shulman, MD, MACP​

Chapter Awards

The nomination period for 2019 is now closed. The 2019 recipients will be honored at the PA-ACP Awards Dinner on November 16, 2019 following the Annual Meeting.

Dr. Ann Preston Women in Medicine Award
Started in 2019, the Pennsylvania ACP Chapter Award for the Advancement of Women in Medicine recognizes a Chapter member, male or female, whose outstanding efforts and achievements have promoted the career success, leadership, and overall quality of life for women in medicine. This member deserves recognition for their accomplishments and dedication to fostering tomorrow’s women leaders in medicine. The award is named after Ann Preston (1813-1872). She lived her whole life in Philadelphia and was a true medical pioneer. She was in the first class of women who enrolled in the Female (later Women's) Medical College of Pennsylvania in 1850. She was appointed a professor of Physiology and Hygiene in 1853. After the Board of Censors of the Philadelphia Medical Society effectively banned women physicians from the public teaching clinics of the city, she raised funds to start a new hospital where teaching could occur. The Womens Hospital opened in 1858. She later created a school of nursing and she was named the first woman dean of the Women's Medical College in 1866. Read more about Dr. Ann Preston here: https://cfmedicine.nlm.nih.gov/physicians/biography_256.html.
Edith Mitchell, MD, MACP (Southeastern Region)

Laureate Award
The Laureate Award honors those Fellows or Masters of the College who have demonstrated by their example and conduct an abiding commitment to excellence in medical care, education, or research, and in service to their community, their Chapter, and the American College of Physicians.
The awardees shall be senior physicians who are Fellows or Masters of long-standing, with acknowledged excellence and peer approval in the field of internal medicine.  In addition, the awardees should have served the Chapter with distinction.  Exceptional circumstances may modify these requirements.
Thomas Olenginski, MD (Eastern Region)
Judith Black, MD, FACP (Western Region)
Lia Logio, MD, MACP (Southeastern Region)2018
Eileen Moser, MD, MACP (Eastern Region)
Andrew Adams, MD, FACP (Western Region)
Gregory Kane, MD, MACP (Southeastern Region)
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Clinical Practice Award
This award was created to recognize a senior member internist for service as an excellent clinical practitioner for patients, the community and the profession.  Qualities that might be recognized include long-time excellence in a practice setting providing patient-centered care, being known for collaboration with colleagues, serving as an excellent consultant to colleagues, being known as a leader in her/his medical community or community of residence, and serving as an excellent role model for colleagues.  Any active member who meets these or similar criteria can be nominated for this award.
Raghavendra Tirupathi Govindaraju, MBBS, FACP (Western Region)
Jerome Santoro, MD, FACP (Southeastern Region)2018
Jeffery Debuque, DO (Eastern Region)
Mario Fatigati, MD, FACP (Western Region)
Susan Gersh, MD, FACP (Southeastern Region)
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Pressman Award
The Pressman Award for Distinguished Service to Internal Medicine is given annually by the Pennsylvania Chapter of the ACP to a Pennsylvania internist who best demonstrates commitment to his patients and his community as a practicing physician, as a leader within organized medicine, as an advocate for his/her patients and profession, and for extraordinary dedication to the specialty of internal medicine.  This award was first given in 1994 to Robert Pressman for his distinguished service.
Darren Taichman, MD, PhD, FACP
Christine Laine, MD, MPH, FACP2018
Steven Weinberger, MD, MACP, FRCP
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Waxman Award
The Herbert S. Waxman Voluntary Faculty Teaching Award recognizes the most effective and committed internist who has distinguished himself or herself as a member of the voluntary faculty at a teaching hospital or medical school in Pennsylvania.
To be eligible for the award, nominees must meet the following criteria:

  1. Be a board-certified internal medicine physician;
  2. Be active in teaching as a voluntary faculty member for 5 consecutive years or for 8 of 10 years; and
  3. Be nominated by an internal medicine department chairman or residency program director at the institution where he or she teaches, or by a medical student clerkship director at such an institution.
Armen Sevag, DO (Southeastern Region)
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Special Recognition Award
Occasionally, members are recognized for special contributions which may not fit into one of the specific award categories identified above.
David Aizenberg, MD, FACP (Southeastern Region)
Mehrshid Kiazand, MD, FACP (Western Region)
Kristian Feterik, MD, FACP (Western Region)
Yan Leyfman (Eastern Region)2017
Aleesha Shaik (Southeastern Region)
Robert C. Aber, MD, MACP (Eastern Region)
Jennifer G. McComb, MD, FACP (Western Region)
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John Derrickson Early Career Physician Service Excellence Award
(or “Derrickson Award”)
The Derrickson Award recognizes an early career physician of the Chapter whose volunteerism, energy, and initiative advanced the mission and goals of the Pennsylvania Chapter of the American College of Physicians.

David Aizenberg, MD, FACP (Southeastern Region)
​Gaetan Sgro, MD (Western Region)

Mina Makary, MD, FACP, BCMAS (Eastern Region)
The Curbsiders
            Matthew Watto, MD
            Paul Williams, MD
            Stuart Brigham, MD
            Tony Sidari, MD

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