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ACP works hard to make a tangible difference in your daily professional life. We spearhead change and advocate for policies and regulations that advance solutions and reforms to improve the practice of internal medicine.

We've got your back. Top priorities include:

  • Reducing administrative burdens in practice by reforming prior authorization, step therapy requirements, electronic health record hassles, and quality reporting
  • Ensuring internal medicine physicians are compensated for the value of care provided
  • Improving access to primary and behavioral health care
  • Supporting patient access to reproductive health care

National ACP Health Policy Pages

Home Page 

  • Where the college stands on key health policy issues, news and recent policy changes.
  • Visit Legislative Action Center for more information about the new Advocates for Internal Medicine Network (AIMn) and the Richard Neubauer Advocate for Internal Medicine Award.
  • and COMPASS - help patients enroll in Health Insurance Marketplaces or Medicaid.
  • The ACP Advocate - bi-weekly, e-newsletter created by ACP members about public policy issues affecting internal medicine and patient care.
  • Member Advocacy - other resources to help members advocate ACP policy.
  • ACP Policy Library - a repository of ACP's current and historic policies.

Other National Resources

  • Consumer website: Affordable Care Act - site provides clear, trusted, concise, and easy to understand information by state, timeline, and patient characteristics (small business, under or over age 65, etc.) 

Stabilizing Health Insurance Markets
ACP has prepared a chapter action tool kit that ACP chapters can use to advance policies at the state level that will help ensure continued health coverage and essential benefits, strengthen and expand Medicaid, and stabilize the health insurance market.

Vaccine Exemptions/Elimination of Non-Medical Exemptions from State Immunization Laws
ACP has prepared a chapter action tool kit that ACP chapters can use to help advance legislation in their states that eliminate any existing exemptions, except for medical reasons, from their immunization laws and/or oppose legislation to expand exemptions.

Reducing Administrative Burdens
Great strides have been made to help reduce excessive administrative tasks on physicians and patients and ACP has developed a new online tool to allow you to share your stories of “burden” with us.

Reducing Firearm-Related Injuries and Deaths
ACP has prepared a chapter action tool kit that ACP chapters can use to help advance legislation in their states to reduce firearms-related injuries and deaths.

Climate Change and Health
ACP has developed a tool kit for members that includes resources and recommendations to reduce the environmental impacts on health and human impacts on climate change.

Modernizing License and Credentialing Applications to Not Stigmatize Mental Health
ACP has developed a resource for physicians and to help remove any potential stigma about receiving mental health care or having a mental health diagnosis, that may result in physicians not receiving care.

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Chair of the Health and Public Policy Committee
Amy Davis, DO, MS, FACP

PA-ACP Services, Inc.
ERG Partners, John Nikoloff

President, PA-ACP Services Inc.
Rachel Ramirez, MD, FACP

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