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A Letter From Your Governor...

Dear Colleagues,

Greetings from the PA Chapter of the ACP.  As the governor of the Eastern Region I encourage you to explore our  website.

Briefly, I graduated as a Michael DeBakey Scholar from Baylor College of Medicine in Houston, Texas and completed Harvard's Combined Internal Medicine/Pediatrics Residency Program in Boston.  In 2001, I joined The Wright Center as a double board certified faculty physician.  In 2007, I became President of the became President of The Wright Center Medical Group as Program Director of The Wright Center for Graduate Medical Education’s Internal Medicine Residency and accepted my current role as President and CEO of both organizations in 2012.  

As Governor, it is my goal to ensure that the ACP is of value to you.  I hope you use this website to help navigate many of the opportunities offered by the ACP, including advocacy, membership outreach, social media, and educational programs, among many others.  There is also information of interest to all levels of training and practices.  Students, check out the Internal Medicine Interest Groups.  Residents, see the links to the regional poster and Doctors Dilemma competitions as well as links to the national ACP site where you can order discounted board review material and MKSAP.  If you have an interest in advocacy either at the local, state or national level check out the Advocacy section where you will find a huge amount of information from our state lobbyist and links to advocacy podcasts.  Join us for advocacy days at the state capitol and for meetings with local legislators.  And follow the page for updates on upcoming events at the regional, state and national level.  There is also the opportunity to participate in our Speakers Bureau.  I invite you to explore the entire page to find information and opportunities that interest you.

​I would love to help set up other programs including early career physicians, women in medicine, and underrepresented minorities.  The large geographical area encompassed in the Eastern Region is challenging, but newer technologies can make this happen.  Speaking of which, anyone with an interest in social media is strongly encouraged to offer any input and assistance with making this platform better.

I welcome any feedback, ideas and additional content that you feel should be included in our website, and urge you to submit your comments and suggestions for all things Eastern Region.  

Linda Thomas-Hemak, MD
Governor, ACP Eastern Region

Congratulations to The Wright Center, 2023 Doctor's Dilemma Winner!

PA Eastern Region EVENT UPDATE

ACP Internal Medicine Interest Group Dinner
Hosted at Geisinger Commonwealth School of Medicine

A special thank you to our speakers: Dr. Linda Thomas-Hemak, Dr. Meaghan Ruddy, and Allison LaRussa.

Thank you to all who attended this wonderful event focused on corporatization, consolidation, and commodification of healthcare and its impact on various aspects, including patient care and physician well-being.

Trauma-competent, self-empowering approaches to address healthcare industry challenges, alleviate physician burnout and encouraged participatory citizenship in the ACP as a proactive coping skill we all introduced followed by an open discussion with participants.

We hope everyone enjoyed this event and we look forward to seeing you again in the future!