2023 Western Region Posters - QI

WQI-1-23 In the Era of High Sensitivity Troponins; Time to Say Good Bye to CK-Mb

WQI-2-23 Quality Improvement: Complex Patients in Primary Care

WQI-3-23 Improving Quality Of Care Of Gout Among Primary Care Physicians In A Residency Outpatient Center


WQI-4-23 Improving Management of Adult Chronic Insomnia Patients in the Outpatient Setting - Quality Improvement Project

WQI-5-23 Tricuspid percutaneous vegectomy: a possible alternative to surgery in injection drug use-associated infective endocarditis.

WQI-6-23 Assessing Utilization Patterns and Appropriateness of Telemetry Cardiac Monitoring


WQI-7-23 Barriers to optimizing GLP1-agonist therapy in a residency affiliated clinic

WQI-8-23 Implementing Guideline Directed Utilization of Packed Red Blood Cell, An Interim Analysis

WQI-9-23 Challenges in making the case for de-labeling penicillin allergy status in the primary care setting


WQI-10-23 Post-Discharge Scheduled Appointments and Clinical Outcomes in Patients with Diabetes in low Socioeconomic Status Community

WQI-11-23 Identifying barriers to effective implementation of the Congestive Heart Failure (CHF) PowerPlan in a Community Hospital