Congratulations to the 2023 Southeastern Region Award Winners

Presented October 7, 2023

2023 Regional Doctor's Dilemma Winner and Overall PA Chapter Representative in National Competition
Albert Einstein Medical Center

Darilyn Moyer, MD, FACP Professionalism Award for Trainees in Southeastern Pennsylvania

  • Rui Song, MD
  • Sarah Falcao Angelim, MD
  • Omar Choudary, DO
  • Blythe Fiscella, MD
  • Bishrut Nepal, DO
  • Devin Sullivan, DO
  • Elaine Ng, MD
  • Jenny Liang, DO
  • Kyle Mohney, DO
  • Rachael Schneider, DO
  • Sofia Barrios, MD
  • Boula Gattas, MD
  • Anumita Chakraborty, MD
  • Marie-Laure Flamer, MD
  • Rishi Voruganti, MD
  • Kaelo Moahi, MD

Top Scoring Posters

Clinical Vignette/Case Study:

  • 1st - Alexander Benyovszky From Roux-en-Y to Ruined Renals: A Case of Oxalate Nephropathy Causing ESRD Post Gastric Bypass surgery 
  • 2nd - Taimur Bayar-Masood - Ticked off: Early Consideration of a Tick-Borne Illness

QI MED ED – Non Research:

  • 1st - Abiodun Idowu -Trends and predictors of utilization of palliative care in patients with end stage heart failure
  • 2nd - Mark Liotta -Sepsis Squashing Squadron: Hospital-Wide
    Floor Sepsis Identification, Treatment, and Expediency

Basic Clinical Research:

  • 1st - Matthew Nguyen - ​​Resource Utilization and Outcome of Coronavirus Disease in Patients with Cardiogenic Shock: Insights from the National In-patient Sample
  • 2nd - Rasha Khan - Disparities in Blood Pressure, Glycemic and Cholesterol Control Among Adults with Prior Myocardial Infarction and Limited English Proficiency: A Nationwide Cross-Sectional Analysis