The Philadelphia Agreement for Gender Equity (PAGE)

2022 Philadelphia Agreement for Gender Equity (PAGE) in IM training Virtual Conference

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Systems-based inequities are highly prevalent in Internal Medicine (IM) training and education. These span across race, gender, sexual orientation and cultural background amongst other areas, and may influence the trajectory and outcomes of training in IM, both in the short and long term. Gender-based disparities in IM training have historically been highly prevalent and continue to be so despite increasing representation of women in medical training. These disparities extend across several domains including recruitment, career advancement, family leave/parental support policies as well as sexual harassment. There are no current models for standardizing regional best practices to reduce and ultimately eliminate gender-based disparities in IM training.

To fill this gap, the American College of Physicians’ (ACP) Southeastern Pennsylvania Chapter convened a leadership group in July 2019 with the goal of developing a regional consensus on best practices to reduce gender-based disparities in IM training.  This working group identified key focus areas of gender disparities and invited IM training program leadership from across the Philadelphia region to attend a consensus conference on January 8th, 2020. This face-to-face conference included representation from academic IM training programs in the Philadelphia area and its proximity, including programs from Delaware, New York, and New Jersey.  To support our programs this working group, collaborated in four virtual webinars on the topics of sexual harassment, gender-based inequities in recruitment, family friendly leave policies, and gender inequity in career advancement of trainees throughout 2020-2021 years. The exchange of information and lessons learned from these webinars have led to an updating of the current best practices and Memorandum of Understanding.  We are looking forward to our upcoming February 18th Conference where we will have the opportunity to network with old and new programs, improve our best practices, and progress our gender equity work within each of our Internal medicine residency programs.

The current climate of race-based inequalities and violence across the country during 2020 are closely linked to this group’s underlying commitment to identifying and addressing structural inequities across the system in IM training. To this end, the consensus conference attendees, conference leadership, as well as the ACP condemn the current events of race-based violence and discrimination in the strongest terms, and strongly support the recent policy statement issued by the ACP on racism and health in the United States (Serchen J et al., Annals of Internal Medicine, June 2020). We believe that the output from this coalition of regional program leaders and the ACP represents a first step in a long journey towards ensuring equality across several domains in IM training, and we are confident that lessons learned from a consensus conference such as the present one will support, catalyze and amplify equity work in other areas to bring about a just, equitable, diverse, and inclusive environment for IM trainees. We are committed to supporting future work in a collaborative manner similar to the current gender equity conference format and sharing the knowledge gained from this project to ensure equality across domains in IM.


DOCUMENT 1: Best Practices to Reduce Gender based Disparities in Internal Medicine Trainees: Summary Recommendations from a Consensus Conference from the American College of Physicians’ Pennsylvania Chapter

DOCUMENT 2: Implementation Strategies for Best Practices Towards Reduction in Gender Disparity in Internal Medicine Training: Summary Recommendations from a Consensus Conference from the American College of Physicians

Mission Statement

The Philadelphia Agreement for Gender Equity (PAGE) serves to call attention to the gender-based disparities relevant to internal medicine residency training and to collaboratively address these inequities both locally and nationally.

To execute our purpose, we have identified four key areas of focus: recruitment, career advancement, family leave/parental support policies, and sexual harassment.

Participating Programs:

  1. Abington Memorial Hospital
  2. Christiana Care Health System
  3. Cooper University Health Care
  4. Einstein Medical Center
  5. Lankenau Medical Center
  6. Mount Sinai Morningside-West
  7. Penn Medicine
  8. Temple University Hospital
  9. Thomas Jefferson University

Upcoming Events:
Mar. 18, 2022 -
PAGE IM training Virtual Conference

Contact Us

Tamara Goldberg, MD, FACP
Director, Primary Care Track & Associate Program Director
Mount Sinai Morningside-West Internal Medicine Program
Icahn School of Medicine Mount Sinai

Alexandra Lane, MD, FACP
Assistant Professor of Medicine
Cooper Medical School of Rowan University
Assistant Program Director, Internal Medicine Residency
Cooper University Health Care

Elizabeth Leilani Lee, MD, MBS, FACP
Associate Professor of Clinical Medicine
Cooper Medical School of Rowan University
Division Head of Internal Medicine
Cooper University Health Care

Janani Rangaswami, MD, FACP
Professor of Medicine
Director, Cardiorenal Program and Nephrology Fellowship
George Washington University School of Medicine

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Gender Equity MoU meeting, 1-6-21, hosted by Janani Rangaswami, MD, FACP, FCRS, FAHA

Gender Inequity in Career Development & Advancement of Residents, 3-3-21, hosted by Elizabeth L. Lee, MBS, MD, FACP

Family Friendly Policies and Gaps for Internal Medicine Trainees, 5-6-21, hosted by Alex Lane, MD, FACP