Southeastern Region

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From Your Governor...

Dear Colleagues,

Welcome to the Southeast Region of the Pennsylvania Chapter of the American College of Physicians!

As a mid-career physician and educator, I have dedicated my time to fostering developing internists, caring and advocating for the underserved, and actively practicing primary care. I have many years of experience in each of these areas and will bring them forward as I represent my chapter.

Our chapter is very diverse but unified in its desire to improve several issues, including but not limited to patient-centered care and health care disparity education, advocacy for equitable reimbursement, work-life balance, and all areas in between. There are many challenges our region faces. However, with my energy and passion and your continued support and input, we can continue moving our chapter forward toward the common goal of betterment of our patients and fellow internists.

Rachel L. Ramirez, MD, FACP
Governor, ACP Southeastern Region
President  PA-ACP Services
2022 - 2026

Congratulations to Albert Einstein Medical Center, Winner of the 2023 Southeastern Region Doctor's Dilemma and Overall PA Winner!