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A Letter From Your Governor...

Dear Colleagues,

Welcome to the Southeast Region of the Pennsylvania Chapter of the American College of Physicians! As a brief introduction, I am a general internist working in Philadelphia at Jefferson.  Originally from Washington, DC, I attended medical school at Jefferson, trained at Penn and then worked there as faculty before moving to Temple. There I was an Associate Program Director and focused on ambulatory graduate medical education  while leading their implementation of the X+Y system. I moved to Jefferson in 2012, where I continue to see patients as well as leading our efforts in primary care, practice innovation and quality improvement across all the medical subspecialties as the Executive Vice Chairman in the Department of Medicine.  As part of work with our ACO, I also have the opportunity to work with many of our affiliated independent practices. My wife, also an internist, has also shown me a view into life as a non-clinical physician. Taken together, I have gained insights into most every aspect of life as a modern physician. I hope to be able to bring this perspective to my role as Governor.

As your Governor, I am here to make sure that the ACP is offering membership benefits that are of interest and value to you, and that you are able to take advantage of those benefits. The Southeast Region offers numerous events throughout the year. Are you a Resident member? Join us for our Quizzo nights! Are you a Student member? Take advantage of our Interest Group Dinners through your school’s student group! Interested in Advocacy? Join us for our Advocacy evenings with local legislators and our lobbyist, John Nikoloff or listen to our advocacy education podcasts! Have a great story to tell? Don’t miss our Story Slam event in the spring! We also have events for early career physicians, and members of all levels.  If you have ideas for offerings that would be of interest to you, I’d also love to hear them – please contact me!

This website is a wealth of information. Below you can find a list of upcoming and past events for the Southeast Region. Visit the Upcoming Events page to see state-wide upcoming events. Keep an eye on our Advocacy page for updates on important legislation. Join our Speakers Bureau for a chance to be called upon to share your knowledge.

I welcome ideas from the membership for events or website content that you may be interested in. This is your chapter, your region, and I want it to work for you.

Lawrence D. Ward, MD, MPH, FACP
Governor, ACP Southeastern Region

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