(June 30) -- Governor Tom Wolf has signed House Bill 2401 into law, extending the regulatory waivers that went into effect in Pennsylvania over the course of the COVID-19 pandemic.

The extension will allow state waivers to remain in place until October 31, 2022 unless the waivers are related to federal exemptions. Waivers related to federal exemptions will remain in place until the last day of federal Public Health Emergency or the last day the federal exemptions are authorized, whichever is later. These extensions are to unsure continued access to quality care for Pennsylvanians.

PA-ACP has been working with the legislature and the Wolf Administration to extend these waivers, recognizing their importance to continuity of care, access to care and full staffing in the health care community.  The bill passed both the House and Senate by unanimous votes.

Regulatory waivers that ended prior to June 30 were not extended.

“Throughout the course of the COVID-19 pandemic many policies and waivers were implemented to ensure Pennsylvanians have continued access to services,” said Gov. Wolf. “Those policies and waivers continue to support individuals accessing services today and should be preserved. I’m happy to sign this bill into law so Pennsylvanians continue to receive the quality care they deserve.”

The bill also permits nurse practitioners and physician assistants to order home health care services for patients if the collaborating or supervising physician is identified in the patient’s written plan of treatment.

View list of waivers here.