PA-ACP and State Level Advocacy

The Chapter conducts a state level advocacy effort for physicians, patients and public health issues on several levels on a continuing basis.  When the ASIM and ACP merged, Pennsylvania’s internists maintained a separate non-profit trade association (PA-ACP Services, Inc.) that has no restraints on its advocacy efforts.

The Chapter has a standing Health and Public Policy Committee that assesses proposals and needs, and recommends active advocacy efforts.

Since 1988-89, the state Chapter has used ERG Partners and John Nikoloff as its government relations consultants and lobbyists on the ground in the state Capitol and with the state Congressional delegation.

On an ongoing basis, the Chapter provides online resources, including podcasts and webinars on advocacy, background information on issues currently being considered at the state level. On critical issues, members receive email alerts asking them to contact their elected officials.

Each May, Pennsylvania members are invited – and dozens attend the ACP Leadership Day in Washington, DC meeting with the state’s Congressional delegation.  A similar state Advocacy Day is held in Harrisburg each spring for meetings with legislative leaders and key committee chairs.

Through PA-ACP’s Keystone Contacts,  members develop relationships with elected officials, and receive additional information/updates on an ongoing basis, as necessary.  Nationally, the Advocates for Internal Medicine engage in similar relationship building with the state’s Congressional delegation.