Pennsylvania COVID-19 UPDATE, March 31, 2022

As of March 31, Pennsylvania hospitals were caring for 1,292 COVID-19 patients, 67.3 percent less than on March 1.  Of that total, just 59 vs. the 230 (March 1) were in intensive care and 538 on February 11 and 44 patients on ventilators, vs. the 358 on Feb. 11. Hospitals were caring for about 7,500 patients with COVID-19 just two months ago.  

During March, a total of 233,494 Covid-19 vaccines were administered in the state, averaging 7,532 per day, including 96,500 additional doses and 17,416 pediatric doses.  Total vaccine dosesadministered by the state’s providers stand at more than 28,908,000.

This week, the Department of Health analyzed the following vaccine data within its 66-county vaccine jurisdiction; Philadelphia is a separate vaccine jurisdiction:  

Since its onset Pennsylvania has had 2,310,472 confirmed and reported cases of COVID-19.  The daily average number of cases was under 1,200 per day, just 30% of the daily average reported at the beginning of February and 23% less than on March 1.

During the month, there were 984 deaths attributed to Covid-19, less than 32 per day.  Total deaths in the state topped 44,000.

The Department of Health continues to provide the public with extensive and frequently updated data on both the COVID-19 dashboard and the vaccine dashboard. Both dashboards provide an interactive experience for the user to review statewide and local-level data updated daily.  

The department also provides a dashboard showing COVID-19 data for skilled nursing homes including case counts, deaths and vaccination status for residents and staff.