April 20 COVID-19 Update – Pennsylvania American College of Physicians

April 20 Pennsylvania COVID-19 Update

On Sunday the Department of Health reported that Pennsylvania had found another new 1,492 positive cases in the previous 24 hours, for a total of 32,284. The death total rose to 1,112 deaths, an increase of 276 deaths from Saturday, all in adult patients.  The Health Department said the increase was due to better data collection and confirmation of cases which were originally listed as co-morbidity issues.
The state Health Department’s breakout of virus data for long-term care living facilities indicates 624 of the state’s deaths, 56 percent, were nursing home residents.  There were 126,570  negative tests in PA as of midnight Saturday night.
At least  1,575 are health care workers (up from the 1,401 such cases reported on Friday) – accounting for about five percent of all positive cases; the total figure includes 479 workers in nursing homes. And from the department’s website, 4,450 cases – accounting for 12.6 percent of all cases (and up from Saturday’s  cases) – are in 368 of the state’s long-term care living facilities in 35 counties (up from     facilities in 34 counties on Friday).
Two percent of hospitalizations were under 29 years of age, five percent were 30-49, nine percent were 50-64, 20% were 65-79 and 21% were 80+.  The remainder were unclassified yet per age.
Of the total Saturday, 17,184 positive cases (53%) were female and 14,616 (45%) were male. Two percent (484) were unreported or neither.  Among the deaths, 608 (55%) were males and 499 (45%) were female with five unreported by sex.
By race, 5,523 were Caucasian (17%) 2,792 were African-American (9%) and 290 (1%) were Asian, with 109 listed as “Other.”  The vast majority, 23,570 (73% of all cases) remained unreported on the race of the patient.
On Sunday at noon,  2,653 COVID-19 patients were hospitalized, slightly less than 10% of those testing positive.  At that time, 649 were using ventilators or ECMO.  About 48% of beds, 41% of ICU beds are available, and 1455 of 5234 ventilators were in use (more than 70% of ventilators were still available.) 
Of the patients who tested positive to date the age breakdown was unchanged from Saturday: less than 1% are aged 0-4; less than 1% are aged 5-12; 1% are aged 13-18; 6% are aged 19-24; 39% are aged 25-49; 28% are aged 50-64; and 24% are aged 65 or older.