Congratulations to the 2022 Western Region Award Winners

Presented October 15, 2022

2022 Regional Doctors Dilemma Winner:  UPMC Presbyterian

Professionalism Award   

  • Arinze Bosah, MD
  • Emily Satkovich, MD
  • Junaid Khawaji,MD
  • Bernard Shalit, MD
  • Roberto Tellez, MD

Top Scoring Posters

Clinical Vignette:

  • 1st Place: Alternative Therapies for Status Asthmaticus - Katherine Barnett
  • 2nd Place: Rituximab as a Therapeutic Agent for Steroid Refractory Warm Autoimmune Hemolytic Anemia in the Setting of EBV-Post Transplant Lymphoproliferative Disorder - Shivani Shah


  • 1st Place:  Practical Adherence to AHA/ACC 2018 Guidelines Among Secondary Prevention Patients - Alessha Kainat
  • 2nd Place: Comparing Premature versus Non-Premature Coronary Artery Disease Diagnosed via Coronary CT Angiography (CCTA) - Andrea Cygan

Quality Improvement:

  • 1st Place: Evaluating Penicillin Allergy in the Primary Care Setting- Bernard Shalit
  • 2nd Place: Internal Medicine Outpatient Quality Improvement Project: Screening, identifying and transitioning eligible patients from Vitamin K antagonist/Warfarin (VKA) to Direct oral anticoagulants (DOAC)- Ashish Jain