2022 Southeastern Posters - Quality Improvement

QS-1 - Sleep Interruption Reduction Interventions (SIRI) for Stable Hospitalized Patients: A Quality Improvement Pilot Program

QS-2 - Sepsis Squashing Squadron: Can Automated EHR Risk Scores combined with Clinical Teams Improve Sepsis Identification and Treatment in an Urban, Academic, Tertiary Care Hospital?

QS-3 -Applying Game Theory When Treating Patients with Opioid Use Disorder to Promote Trust and Cooperation

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QS-4 - Diuresing Discharge Summaries- An Initiative to Improve Quality and Process

QS-5 - Evaluation of the high sensitivity troponin and HEART score in its effectiveness in reducing chest pain observation admissions

QS-6 - ​​Implementation of a Post-Encounter Telephone Call at a Medical Student-Run Free Clinic

QS-7 - A Novel Approach to Reduction in Duplicate Lab Ordering