Congratulations to the 2022 Eastern Region Award Winners

Presented October 22, 2022

2022 Regional Doctors Dilemma Winner: Penn State Health

Professionalism Award for Trainees  

  • Christopher Reggio, DO
  • Sanjay Paudel, MD
  • Dhara Patel, DO
  • Baijukumar Patel, MD
  • Shani Varghese Daniel, MD
  • Timothy Daly, DO
  • Palina Sudnik, MD
  • Sunny Parmar, MD
  • Manuel Rovira-Gonzalez, MD
  • Dipen Zalavadia, MD
  • Sandeep Mandal, M

Top Scoring Posters

Clinical Vignette:

  • 1st A rare anatomic anomaly- Ectopic liver presenting as right atrial mass Clinical Vignette - Anupam Halder
  • 2nd To Treat or Not to Treat? A Case of Pseudohyperkalemia in Chronic Lymphocytic Leukemia - Urvi Patel
  • 3rd Immune checkpoint inhibitor induced lymphocytic esophagitis - Shefali Aminong


  • 1st Differences of In-Hospital Survival based on Time to Catheterization in Non-ST-Elevation Myocardial Infarction Patients with Cardiogenic Shock: Insight from The National Inpatient Sample Database 2016-2019 - Biraj Shrestha
  • 2nd Under-Diagnosis of Idiopathic Normal Pressure Hydrocephalus by Radiologists: A Retrospective Chart Review - Shaun Pateman Aciu
  • 3rd  Management of Hypoglycemia in Von Gierke’s Disease - Aamir Makdan


  • 1st Quality improvement project to reduce the inappropriate use of cardiac telemetry monitoring among inpatients at the Reading hospital - Christian Akem Dimala
  • 2nd On That Note: Serious Illness Conversations and Advanced Care Planning in Graduate Medical Education - Laurne McKay 
  • 3rd Improve screening for diabetic retinopathy among pregnant patients with pre-existing diabetes- A Quality Improvement Initiative - Pranathi Vemparala