2022 State Advocacy Day
Tuesday, June 7, 2022
Harrisburg, PA

On Tuesday, June 7, from 9:00am-2:00pm, PA-ACP member advocates will visit the State Capitol to connect with colleagues, key legislators and staff on issues impacting access to, and quality of care across Pennsylvania.

Join us in our efforts to secure the best policies for Pennsylvania patients and internists.

PA-ACP will focus on three key issues as legislative priorities for our Capitol Day agenda:

  1. Prior Authorization Reform
    Prior authorization practices, which vary from insurer to insurer, delay internists' ability to treat patients, takes as much as 2 days a week of administrative time, and jeopardizes safe, timely care. PA ACP is working to solve this problem through SB 225, which would standardize processes for all insurers, assuring transparency in decision making, creating predictable deadlines, establishing step therapy protocols, and eliminating administrative burdens for providers.We will be calling on legislators to pass SB 225 as passed by the Senate.
  2. Telemedicine
    Pennsylvania has no law authorizing telemedicine, and health care providers would not be able to treat people via telehealth after the Covid-19 waivers expire. Covid-19 has clearly demonstrated the value of telemedicine.SB 705 would require state licensure boards  establish telemedicine regulations, require insurers to cover medically necessary telemedicine services from in-network providers and prohibit health insurers from excluding a service just because it's provided via telemedicine.  PA-ACP supports SB 705 without the amendments that caused the Governor to veto the bill in 2020.
  3. Medicaid Redetermination
    The federal Coronavirus Relief Act prevented states from disenrolling anyone from Medicaid or CHIP for the duration of the Public Health Emergency, which is likely to end in the next few months.  Pennsylvania has more than 3.25 million people on the MA/CHIP rolls. To avoid 500,000 Pennsylvanians from losing coverage, the PA-ACP is calling on the state to slow down the redetermination process and encouraging legislators to remind constituents they will have to re-enroll and update their contact information to continue MA coverage.

Your voice – and engagement matters! We hope you will join us for a day of discussions on these key issues with legislators and staff. Training for face to face meetings with elected officials and more information on the three policy priorities will be available and circulated ahead of our Capitol Day.

PA-ACP will provide details in the coming weeks.  Stay tuned.